3 Writing Mistakes I Keep Making as a UI/UX Designer

Vasil Nedelchev
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3 Writing Mistakes I Keep Making as a UI/UX Designer

Today is day 21 of a 30-day writing sprint I’m doing.

First of all, I’m not a writer.

But I like it. It is the fastest way for me to share my ideas and what I am learning. In my school year, I barely passed my native language class. And English — I’ve never studied it in school.

All I’m trying to say is that I’m no standard for good writing. But maybe a good example for someone who might want to try this, but doesn’t have the courage.

Here is the thing. I have noticed I keep making the same mistakes.

#1 Random personal facts and stories

Like the one on top.

This is pure self-indulgence. I like sharing those. And I realise that sometimes they don’t help to make my point. But what I hope they do is give a bit of character that makes the writing memorable.

Like pop singers who don’t sing very well.

#2 Careless grammar

Oh, there is so much of this.

Thanks to Grammarly and editors, you don’t see most of it. This is a big insecurity of mine. I know there are people who, as soon as they see a silly mistake in your writing, immediately lose respect for you. I have experienced that and I’m still careless with this type of mistake. Still believe that if the idea is good for the delivery, mistakes could be forgiven.

I’m probably wrong.

#3 Wrong medium

I rarely read.

My guess is that most designers whom I want to reach with my writing don’t read much either. When I want to learn something, my first instinct is a YouTube search. My guess is that most designers do the same. But making videos is a whole new game that I haven’t played. If you think my writing is bad, you have to hear my monotone voice and see my “deer in the headlights” face.

Nevertheless, I’m open to trying it.

What are the mistakes you are aware of making — but keep on making, regardless?

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