5 Ways to Move Away From Selling Services and Trade Your Time for Money

Vasil Nedelchev
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5 Ways to Move Away From Selling Services and Trade Your Time for Money

Tired of being pushed around by clients?

There are 5 main methods you can help fulfil your client’s needs besides selling your services to them.

I’ve been a design service provider for almost two decades now. And I wanted to solve this for myself, so I did the research.

Here are the 5 most common methods with examples:

Educate them

Teach them how to do it themselves.

  • Writing — book, blog, newsletter, report, cheat sheets, email course
  • Video — screencasts, workshops, subscriptions
  • Audio — podcasts, audiobooks
  • Live — workshops, bootcamps, webinars, conferences
  • Consulting — individual, group, ongoing, one-off.

Equip them

Outfit them with tools, supplies, components

  • Templates — code, visuals, snippets, resources, docs
  • Software — feature, downloadable, apps, SaaS
  • Components — plugins, workflows, macros, recipes.

Give them access

Connect them to people, places, tools they could not reach or afford.

  • Membership — community, forum, list, space, equipment share
  • Coaching — individual, group, ongoing, one-off.

Help them outsource

Automate, do it for them, connect to outsourcers.

  • Service marketplace — jobs board, niche gig marketplace, a directory with vetted freelancers
  • Productize service — fix scope, fix price deal
  • Automate — automation workflow or recipe.

Eliminate their need

Change, bypass, or eliminate the need entirely.

  • A business model change that bypasses their need
  • A strategy change that makes their need irrelevant.

Moving away from the service mindset is not an easy thing. Especially if you’ve been rewarded most of your life doing the hands-on work. But now when you know there are other ways to help people, you will start spotting examples all over the place, and maybe do your own thing.

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